Common Problems


Payment did not work - Please contact support.

Email with bundle link has not arrived - Please be patient. If the e-mail still has not arrived after 24 hours since you purchased the bundle, please contact support.

Problems with Desura - If your download page does not have a key, please be patient and check again in 24 hours. It is possible we ran out of keys and we are getting more. If you have other problems, or you still do not have a key after 48 hours, please contact support.

There aren't any soundtracks, art assets, or any of the other extras - If you are sure you paid with bitcoins or you paid over 6$, please contact support.


Song Playback Error - Usually indicates that something is wrong with Windows Media Player. Auralux uses WMP for music, so reinstalling WMP usually fixes the problem.

If the game crashes on startup for a user with multiple monitors, launching the game from the other monitor gets around this issue.